Richmond Best Construction Company for House Extensions: Add Value To Your Home

Adding an extension to your house or changing the layout can be a great investment for both your property value and life quality. But actually getting the renovation started is probably not something you’re looking forward to. Trying to get the plumber and electrician in at the same time or explaining the architect’s drawings to a builder might even take the fun out of seeing the final result- if you even get there in the end. So why not hire a professional to do it all for you? 

If you’re looking for Southwest London’s best construction company, go to 3D Design and Build’s website to learn more:

Entrust Your Renovation With One Experienced Contractor

3D Design and Build is a full-service construction company that takes on whole projects. They handle everything from assistance for planning permission, architectural drawings, and the entire building work. So whether you’re planning a loft conversion, a change of kitchen design, or adding an extra bedroom, you can rest assured your home improvement project is in good hands with one reliable company!

In addition to adding value to a property, an extension or structural change can give you more enjoyment of your house, giving you a more functional and spacious layout to live in. And with 3D Design and Build, you’ll get a renovation that is compliant with regulation and sustainability standards. They’re so sure you’ll be happy with their work you even get a warranty and 24/7 coverage!

Expected Added Property Value

According to an article from The Standard, the national average for the added property value was £59,000 for a 25-square-meter extension in 2017. However, in London areas like Hackney and Richmond, the same renovation could add up to £159,000. While this number depends on factors like the type of extension and quality of craftsmanship, the article points out that this can solve living space issues in high-end areas where it’s without many’s budget reach to upgrade from a 2-bedroom to a 3-bedroom house.

All Construction Work With Just One Company

The team at 3D Design and Build carries out the whole building project, from groundwork and electrics to the final touches like plastering and painting. This relieves you from taking on a project management role and having to coordinate different specialists. This will save you time (and headaches) and ensure that the end result will be of high quality.

3D Design and Build has a team of architects that makes detailed plans based on your ideas. The architects consider important aspects like thermal insulation, soil, and structural calculations to provide the builders with a plan for a safe, energy-efficient, and weight-bearing addition or renovation. This is especially valuable for new builds, where the entire construction relies on professional architectural planning.

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