London OA Treatment: Arthrosamid Injections For Knee Pain & Stiffness Relief

Nobody should have to live their life in pain – not when there’s another way.

For decades, when someone suffers from osteoarthritis, that’s really been their only option.

Continue to suffer through it, and sometimes, you can get an injection that provides relief for a few months – right?

What if things were different though, if there was a treatment that just… worked?

I have good news, better news, and – yes, more good news, so buckle up, and let’s talk about the pain relief you’ve been looking for, and how you can keep it, long-term.

Arthrosamid – The New Injection In Town

If you haven’t heard of Arthrosamid yet, then you’re in for some surprises, because while this new treatment sounds much like the traditional ones, it’s got a secret up its sleeve.

It’s still very new to the public, although it’s been going through clinical trials for decades, so we can be sure of its safety and efficacy.

In most ways, it’s similar to other “under-the-knee” injections, like hyaluronic acid – except for one important detail.

It doesn’t wear off, for years at least, maybe forever.

I know that sounds far-fetched, so just to clear things up, I’ve got some sources to share.

The information comes directly from MSK Doctors in London, because they’re one of the first UK clinics approved to provide Arthrosamid, and they have some of the most experienced specialists.

You can learn all about it, how it works, and what the benefits are, directly from the MSK Doctors founder and Arthrosamid specialist, Professor Paul Lee. Just visit

Important Improvements, Explained

If you’re still here, and not on the MSK Doctors page getting a specialist’s view – then I’ll assume what you want is the Cliff Notes version, with all the important points summed up in a few simple paragraphs.

I can do that, but it’s gonna be packed, so let’s get into it.

The first thing you need to know, is that Arthrosamid is just like all the other knee injections, but better.

It’s safe, minimally invasive, and only needs a single treatment – and the side effects are what you would expect if someone poked you in the knee with a needle. It could be a little red, swollen, or itchy for a couple of days, and then the side effects generally fade.

What doesn’t fade is the relief – that can last longer than any treatment like this ever has, and honestly, we don’t even know how long it could be. Maybe your entire lifetime, according to some experts.

In clinical studies, they’ve found it should last at least about 2 years, and it could be a lot longer. At the end of two years, the pain didn’t return – the study ended.

So new studies are being put together to find just how long Arthrosamid could last – but I wouldn’t wait that long to get treatment, since we already know it’s safe and effective.

It’s not using new drugs or untested technology, it’s just a minor change in the formula that makes it less likely to break down naturally inside of your body.

Of course, I don’t want to say that this is a miracle cure, because even if it is, miracle cures rarely work perfectly for everyone – so please don’t expect Arthrosamid to fix everything, even if it can help a lot.

The Right Specialist For The Job

Osteoarthritis is tricky, and as the specialists at MSK Doctors explained, it takes a holistic approach to treat it properly. It’s not just one joint, and getting an injection won’t cure it – but they can help you to find the best management techniques, whatever they are.

A single injection that offers long-lasting relief is one step, but they can also help you to plan lifestyle changes, exercises, medications, or even nerve-blocking surgery, if it becomes necessary.

I suggest MSK Doctors because they were one of the first clinics in the UK approved to provide this new treatment and they still have some of the most experienced Arthrosamid specialists to date.

Plus, you don’t need a referral, and there’s never any waiting list – so that’s a huge bonus. You can book your own appointment, anytime, for anything. Consultation, diagnosis, or even treatment – just use their website, or book over the phone.

I stole a little blurb from their website that explains it better, “Living with osteoarthritis can be a significant challenge, but with the expertise of MSK doctors, effective management is entirely possible. Through accurate diagnosis, personalised treatment plans, and a holistic approach to care, MSK doctors can help you lead a more comfortable and active life.”

Osteoarthritis has been an incurable pain in the knee for generations, and I for one, am sick of it.

If you are too – maybe Arthrosamid is what you’re looking for. Talk to a professional who’s experienced with Arthrosamid to find out if it can help, and if it can, don’t wait.

There’s no reason to live your life in pain for a single day more than necessary, so don’t.

Learn about the most advanced pain management techniques, holistic treatment options, and of course, Arthrosamid injections, at

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