UK Businesses: Bulk & 1 Off T-Shirts Available In All Sizes With Fast Shipping

Do you have a great idea for marketable hoodie designs, but don’t have storage space and need help with production? A company like OKTshirt can solve those problems and help your business take off!

By giving you more design and style options, OKTshirt creates opportunities for your beginner business to develop unique products suited to your customers’ self-expression goals.

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Your business can order bulk or one-off custom designs printed on black or white unisex hoodies in sizes S to XXL.

To print the designs, OKTshirt uses Direct To Garment (DTG) technology. Unlike other printing processes, such as silk screening or patch application, in which designs are applied to the cloth in layers, DTG printing applies ink directly. Just like an office printer, DTG printing applies coloured inks to the fibres of the garment, and this results in a brighter, longer-lasting finish. With okTSHIRT, you don’t have to worry about your designs flaking away!

You can have your own designs printed, use the website’s design editor to create one, or you can commission OKTshirt’s in-house designers to create prints for you. Once finished, you can drop ship the finished products directly to your customers, sell them through OKTshirt’s website, or have them sent to you.

The company offers 24-hour express shipping in the UK and both standard and international delivery for single and bulk orders. If your business is in the UK, they offer that same 24-hour guarantee for express dropshipping as well!

In addition to hoodies, OKTshirt can print on t-shirts in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes. They also have options to print on aprons and baby bodysuits. Their stock designs include congratulatory messages for weddings, parenthood, anniversaries, and birthdays, novelty matching couples’ designs, sports flag designs, quotes, and zodiac iconography. You can design whatever product complements your business best.

About OKTshirt

OKTshirt is a Birmingham-based garment printing service with over 10 years of experience in the industry. It was created by founders Liliana and Christian after their small-scale printing for friends and family became popular.

A business spokesperson said: “Excellence is our watchword. We are ambitious and determined to become the #1 online gift shop in the UK. To achieve this goal, we treat all things with a high degree of seriousness. From making and shipping orders to dealing with our customers and employees, OKTshirt is committed to quality, and your best choice for online apparel shopping.”

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