This UK Cisco Premier Partner Designs Zero-Trust MFA Network Security Solutions

Developments in AI offer new ways to approach and solve complex problems; however, its accessibility and availability have also given cybercriminals a new weapon to refine phishing campaigns and other methods of attack. In fact, CyberArk’s 2023 Identity Security Threat Landscape Report found that nine out of 10 security experts are concerned about AI-enabled threats.

The still-evolving cybersecurity landscape is what prompted Connect Express Consultants to develop a multi-layered identity and access management (IAM) solution that offers zero-trust security and total network visibility. Learn more at

Bespoke Multi-Layer IAM

Connect Express Consultants’s multi-layered solution takes advantage of Cisco Duo, Cisco ISE, and a double-firewall geo-block configuration that protects from attacks from both within and outside the organisation.

“This 2024, businesses can only expect cybersecurity threats to intensify, as technology like AI has bolstered the capabilities of bad actors,” a spokesperson for the firm said. “A single solution is not enough, which is why we opted to combine the most advanced IAM tools and technology available today to create this proprietary solution.”

Layer 1: Cisco Duo

The first layer of security this solution provides is multi-factor authentication (MFA) administered through Cisco Duo. This MFA software thwarts unauthorised access by requiring a device, such as a smartphone, as a secondary means of verification.

Apart from providing a secondary layer of protection, Connect Express Consultants recommends Cisco Duo owing to its integrability with existing network infrastructure and its user-friendliness—something that your staff will appreciate.

Layer 2: Cisco ISE

In addition to Cisco Duo, Connect Express Consultants enables the enforcement of security policies across all devices connected to a company’s network through Cisco ISE. This allows your IT team to see all devices connected to your network, including the ones from dubious sources trying to gain access. Cisco ISE also enforces access protocols, ensuring that only the right person with the right device has access to your network.

Layer 3: Geo-blocking

Geo-blocking technology forms the last layer of the network security firm’s IAM solution. Its implementation differs in that Connect Express Consultants creates a secondary firewall that filters access attempts from all types of users, specifically remote access users who have found a way to bypass the first firewall.

UK’s Premier Network Security Provider

Connect Express Consultants has been designing, implementing, and securing networks for UK enterprises since 1997. It is a Cisco Premier Partner and has met ISO standards for information security management systems, earning the coveted ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

What Clients Are Saying

“Connect Express specialists have helped us ensure our network keeps pace with our business for over 20 years. They take complete responsibility for ensuring we have a high-performing network infrastructure. They also show total commitment to keeping it up and running reliably. I would recommend Connect Express to anyone.”

If you want to know how Connect Express Consultants can help your organisation, sign up for a free vulnerability test at

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