Specs Oncall Brings Prescription Glasses To Your Cumbria Home: Mobile Eye Tests

Mobile Opticians: Available Near You!

Gone are the days when a sight test involved a lengthy journey to your local high street, waiting your turn for your optician’s attention. Specs Oncall makes it much more convenient to maintain your eye health… bringing eye exams and spectacle fittings to your home.

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Specs Oncall is committed to improving local access to optometrists, taking eye care directly to you. Looking for a professional sight test? Hoping to find a great pair of glasses? If travelling isn’t convenient for you, you can get everything you need at home instead.

Demand is rising for personalised eyewear services that can accommodate those with disabilities or limited mobility. Specs Oncall recognises that community members may find it difficult to attend high street appointments without support. That’s exactly why they’ve moved to remove this hurdle altogether.

Their efforts significantly streamline much-needed eyeglasses acquisitions, helping you to receive spectacles that meet your needs in a shorter timeframe. Specs Oncall can provide modern frames in line with recent trends following an extensive eye health exam – and there’s no need for you to leave the house!

“We are here to bring the eyewear experience to your doorstep,” explains a company representative. “With a passion for enhancing your vision and a commitment to convenience, we offer a range of stylish frames and expertly-fitted spectacles – all in the comfort of your home.” 

Quality Specs – On Call!

You’ll find such brands as Brooklyn, Dune, Coca Havana, and Carducci among Specs Oncall’s inventory of prescription glasses. Through personalised in-home consultations, its optometrists will recommend spectacles that check your criteria in terms of strength, budget, and aesthetics.

In today’s screen-dominant culture, anti-reflective lenses represent a pressing need – countering the glare from computers and phones. Specs Oncall knows this, which is why its single-vision lenses all come with scratch-resistant and anti-glare coatings.

The company’s portable testing machines enable its team to provide eye examinations that align with the standards you’d expect in leading optician stores. Booking an appointment is easy – simply fill in a quick online form to get care at your chosen address along with spectacle fittings as per your preference.

In the words of Specs Oncall: “You can expect the same high-quality eye test as you would receive in a high street optician. Our experienced and qualified optometrists use specialised portable equipment to conduct thorough eye examinations – ensuring accurate and comprehensive results.”

From eye tests to glasses fittings, Specs Oncall does it all!

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