Open MRI In Lincoln, UK: Fast Appointment, Online Booking For Sports Injuries

Open MRI In Lincoln, UK: Fast Appointment, Online Booking For Sports Injuries

If you’ve injured yourself recently, then you need to know the diagnosis as soon as possible! But that’s not always the case. Typically, you have to wait to see your orthopedic surgeon (which takes weeks to book!) before you even have the chance for a scan to understand your condition. By then, you may have partially healed but in the WRONG way!

You can prevent this from happening by having an MRI scan immediately after an injury at one of the best musculoskeletal clinics in London.

MSK Doctors introduces Open MRI. The new facility offers a wide range of MRI scans for various parts of the body, including knee, spine, elbow, shoulder, ankle, and spine.

The new state-of-the-art musculoskeletal clinic features the only open MRI scanner in the country. Unlike traditional scanners that are designed within an enclosed space, an open MRI uses a magnetic top and bottom. This makes it easier for surgeons to clearly see dynamic motions, which allows for better assessment and diagnosis.

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Open MRI is a new facility of MSK Doctors that operates on a self-referral basis, which means that you don’t need any prescription to schedule an appointment. This means NO waiting time and BETTER chances of faster recovery.

Scheduling an MRI scan has never been so easy! Simply book your appointment through the company website and visit the clinic on your preferred date. A digital copy of your results will be emailed within 24 to 48 hours by a specialist consultant radiologist, with an option for a virtual or face-to-face follow-up appointment.

The new clinic is meant for athletes, sports enthusiasts, bariatric, or even claustrophobic patients who want to assess their musculoskeletal conditions. After receiving your results, you can consult with one of the specialized consultant orthopedic surgeons at MSK Doctors at a preferential rate.

Currently, Open MRI offers four scanning services. The most comprehensive option scans a single part of the body, which is usually a joint such as the elbow or knee. Other, more highly specialized examinations, including additional scanning, may be requested online, including a slide-by-slide consultation and diagnosis with a surgeon.

Don’t know which one is best for you? That’s okay. Call the clinic today to know which service is right for your needs!

Open MRI features a dedicated S-scan MRI system that has been endorsed by FIMS, the International Federation of Sports Medicine.

MSK Doctors is led by world-renowned and double Board-certified surgeon, Professor Paul Lee. He has gained a reputation for his innovative strategies in musculoskeletal care and is also at the forefront of today’s movement toward cell therapy. He has treated UK Premiership footballers and is constantly looking for ways to help more athletes find more affordable healthcare.

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “We only focus on musculoskeletal care, our scanner is FISM approved, we only work with the best UK Certified Harley Street Specialist Musculoskeletal Consultant Radiologists and do not use reporting Radiographers.”

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