Gower, Swansea Crack-Resistant Resin-Bound Surfacing: Get Non-Slip Drives

A slippery driveway can make walking out to your car on a frigid morning or playing football with your kids a perilous activity. Thankfully, the experts at RNM Resins can make your driveway – or any other surface for that matter – safe for everyone to use. They install hardwearing, permeable, lowmaintenance resinbound surfacing for heavy traffic areas of your property. Their surfacing solutions are all tailored to meet your vision and complement your premises’ architectural style.

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The Problem

Snow, ice, and rain can cause pavements and many other features of homes and businesses to become dangerously slippery. One particularly effective way of preventing this is by applying non-slip resin surfaces over top of them. Doing this properly, however, requires an experienced professional, RNM Resins explains.

“With over 5 years of experience installing resin surfaces in Swansea and South Wales, RNM Resins is the premiere expert in the area,” a spokesperson said. “We handle the entire process professionally from start to finish, and we use only top-quality materials made to last decades.”

The Solution

RNM Resins opts for BBA-certified materials from industry-leading suppliers like Exo Supplies, LBS Builder’s Merchants, and Travis Perkins. To make sure you get the aesthetic you’re looking for, they also offer a wide range of aggregate blends, colours, and finishes for you to choose from.

When installing a surface, they will first prepare the site and establish a proper base construction. Then, they apply a resin binder, followed by the aggregate blend, which they carefully and evenly disperse over the entire surface for optimal bonding. The blend is then allowed to set, ensuring a visually pleasing, longlasting surfacing solution.

In addition to driveways, patios, and pathways, the team at RNM Resins installs resin-bound steps and staircases, swimming pool surrounds, car parks, cycle lanes, and outdoor sports courts. Check out one of their recent projects by visiting https://rnmresins.co.uk/seamless-resin-bound-surfacing-installation-at-property-in-southgate-pennard-swansea

The Benefits

All RNM Resins resin-bound surfaces are built to meet Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) standards. Because of the high-quality materials they use, the surfaces are also resistant to:

  • UV light,
  • cracks,
  • chips,
  • stains,
  • erosion,
  • flooding, and
  • weeds.

“We were worried about our children slipping on our driveway while out playing, so we gave RNM Resins a call,” said a satisfied client. “They provided us with a durable resinbound surface that looks fantastic and was well within our budget. Now our children can play without us constantly fearing for their safety.”

Go to https://rnmresins.co.uk/resin-drives-patios-paths-steps-pool-surrounds-gower and learn how to get the resin-bound surfacing you need!

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