Children’s Printable Journals With Inspirational Quotes Teach Moral Values

Children’s Printable Journals With Inspirational Quotes Teach Moral Values

Make this Christmas a truly special season for sharing, loving, and growing with My Values Journal and their inspiring printable journals!

Their three journal bundles are the ‘My Compassion Bundle’, ‘My Determination Bundle’, and ‘My Selfless Service Bundle’, which have all been created with children aged five to ten years old in mind. The purpose of My Values Journal’s printable journals is to create an enjoyable way for your children to build self-esteem and self-worth and to develop meaningful traits like empathy, generosity, and resilience.

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My Values Journal believes that rather than giving a toy this Christmas – or rather than purely giving toys – that a gift of one of their unique journals can foster a range of positive behaviours and provide an opportunity for your children to gain hours of fun while also growing and developing.

You’ll appreciate that their three bundles all contain a carefully structured balance of different activities, journaling exercises, inspirational quotes, stories to read, and illustrations to colour in. All of these activities have been designed to facilitate healthy development and to build self-reflection skills and positive emotions.

Each journal has a distinct focus: you can choose the bundle you feel will best suit your son or daughter. Firstly, My Values Journal’s ‘My Compassion Bundle’ focuses on the virtues of kindness and compassion and teaches your children how they can incorporate compassion into their daily lives.

Similarly, the ‘My Determination Bundle’ focuses on how your kids can set goals and work to achieve what they want. Finally, the ‘My Selfless Service Bundle’ is marketed as a perfect choice for the holiday season, a time in which generosity and giving are more important values for you to teach than ever.

All of My Values Journal’s printable journals will be sent to your email address as a digital download.

My Values Journal believes that journaling is a lifelong skill that will collectively benefit your family; they have observed that is one of the most positive tools of self-reflection available to children as they grow and learn about the world.

A spokesperson for the journal makers said, “We wanted to create these journals so that kids of all ages can grow up to be good human beings with high self-esteem and a positive outlook on life. My Values Journal will help you teach your kids the value of hard work, honesty, compassion, self-belief, learning from mistakes, and many other important values in life.”

Give the gift of journaling to your children this Christmas and see how you can grow together in gratitude and happiness!

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