Celebrate Hanukkah With A Colourful Menorah or A Silver Menorah From UK Jewish Gift Store

Celebrate Hanukkah With A Colourful Menorah or A Silver Menorah From UK Jewish Gift Store

How are you planning on celebrating this year’s Hanukkah? Now, more than ever, are we reminded of God’s dedication to His people – and this devotion needs to be reflected in a beautifully crafted lamp for illumination.

Hanukkah, or the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day celebration of the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. We at Aisenthal Judaica offer a beautiful way to reflect on this miracle of light with new Menorahs in a variety of styles, including traditional, contemporary, and children. 

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Our new collection reminds devotees that after the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrian Greek army, only one vial of oil was found in the Temple. While this vial should have illuminated the sacred space for a day, it was able to burn brightly for eight full days, which allowed people to prepare more oil for continuous prayer. It is believed that this symbolizes God’s never-ending dedication to His people.

That is why we celebrate Hanukkah by lighting a Menorah, which is a nine-branched candlestick or lamp. It represents the one day that should have been and the eight other days that were.

One branch, which is usually placed below the others, holds the central candle that is used to light the other eight, with one candle being lit each night. Blessings are made before each lighting and songs are sung afterwards.

We believe that the holiday should be celebrated in the most graceful way possible. We have taken every effort to source only high-quality and stylist Menorahs to illuminate Jewish homes around the world.

One of our recommended pieces is our Emanuel Hammered Menorah which is suitable for children. The delicately crafted blue squared-candlestick features a flat base and wide openings that easily accommodate wider candles that children can light on their own. Further, because of its lowered frame, melted wax safely flows to the floor, preventing children from possibly burning themselves.

This year, Hannukah begins at sundown on Sunday, November 28 and ends at sundown on Monday, December 6.

Our store was established in the late 1950s in Stamford Hill and quickly became a recognized supplier of Judaism religious gifts in the United Kingdom. We offer nationwide shipping for all our products.

Happy Hanukkah shopping! Go to https://aisenthaljudaica.com/products/Holidays/chanukah/menorahs so you can learn more.

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