Call Howell Jones Photography For The Best Somerset Wedding & Engagement Shoots

Call Howell Jones Photography For The Best Somerset Wedding & Engagement Shoots

When it’s a question of love – you can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best!

The Somerset-based company has expanded to feature engagement photography as part of the UK and Destination wedding shoots, or as an individual service. If you want to celebrate and memorialise your engagement, you now have access to a dedicated, high-quality photographer able to travel anywhere in the UK.

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The expanded services give you the option of delaying the hiring of an official wedding photographer, and having Howard Jones Photography immortalise your engagement at any loved location. Individual engagement shoots are available for the price of £495.

An engagement surely ranks amongst the most significant events in your life. You naturally wish to commemorate and celebrate such an event, and will probably want to turn to photography as a beautiful, lasting way to achieve this. However, the proliferation of wedding photographers makes your choice of which to hire a very difficult one, particularly if you find yourself under stress due to concerns about your upcoming wedding.

The artistic style and professionalism of Howell Jones Photography is made clear on the company’s website, where you can see the results of previous engagement shoots, as well as a more general portfolio. The photographer’s engagement services come with no hidden costs, and all facets of the shoot are listed upfront for your peace of mind.

Included in every shoot is a 1-hour video call, 3 hours of photography, a 4k slideshow and an online gallery of the photos, as well as all the photographer’s travel and accommodation costs. An engagement shoot is also included in the price of your wedding shoot, whether you choose the UK or Destination package. 

About the Company

Howell Jones Photography is based in Somerset, England, and has been delivering top quality wedding and engagement shoots for well over a decade. Its photographer, Warren Grime, has earned the respect and thankfulness of clients through his passion and professionalism.

A satisfied client said: “We can’t recommend Warren highly enough – from the moment we got in touch with him, he has been amazing to work with. His photos are exactly what we wanted, both in the engagement shoot and the wedding itself.”

Whether you’re a Somerset local, or in London or Liverpool, Warren is willing to come to you. He’ll be excited to hear from you, so get in touch to make your love last!

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