Automate Video Content Creation For Agencies: The New Viddyoze By Joey Xoto 2023

Automate Video Content Creation For Agencies: The New Viddyoze By Joey Xoto 2023

Making videos is time-consuming and difficult, right? Well, wrong – because with The New Viddyoze, it’s never been simpler to create pro-grade content and publish it at scale!

The video editing and content creation suite is suitable for sales videos, testimonials, lead magnet videos, and onboarding content. It uses text prompts to create niche-specific videos through a single click.

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With over three million video animations created to date, the team continues to innovate the Viddyoze platform. It’s made with consistent content production in mind and can be implemented by agencies and in-house marketing teams to make content creation easier and more cost-effective.

Viddyoze is fueled by years of real-world video creation by an experienced team. Each video created through the AI tool is based on results-backed principles and frameworks that have been proven across numerous marketing campaigns.

The software creates videos in three steps, beginning with your overall project goal. This involves deciding on the type of video you want to make, with options ranging from social media content to website review videos. The tool then analyzes your website and builds an asset library based on your existing content. This is used to make branded content when your video is created and rendered.

With traditional video editing, there are several time-consuming processes that contribute to expensive workflows. With Viddyoze, scripting, storyboarding, asset management, audio editing, and animation are handled by AI software. However, you can reclaim creative control and edit any aspect of the content yourself – or start with a blank canvas if you want full management of the project.

Over 20 templates are available to give you a strong foundational starting point for a wide range of project needs. Options include testimonials, Facebook Ads, seasonal promotions, onboarding videos for training and recruitment, ‘about us’ videos, and more.

Further, it can integrate with and collate reviews from TrustPilot, allowing you to select and add positive reviews to your videos more easily.

A spokesperson for the developers states: “Viddyoze can take your initial instructions, and then provide a daily source of new videos for your business. This is perfect for social media and SEO marketing where consistency is king.”

Are you ready to take your content production to the next level? This is the ideal tool!

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