Automate, Digitise & Manage Documents With Integrated Software For Penrith SMEs

Picture an episode of “Race Across The World,” where instead of travelling across borders, you’re just sprinting between your desk and the rows of filing cabinets. All this, just to find that one elusive document you need, amidst a mountain of office paperwork.

It’s like the least fun challenge ever, especially when you’re pressed for time.

Well, Tech4 Office Equipment has a way to fast-track this process!

They provide a document management software tool called DocuWare Kinetic Solutions, which automates the storage of digital files and makes it easier to track and manage your company documents. The software enables the automation of manual tasks, allowing for better time management and reduced paper use.

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Tech4 Office Equipment is a DocuWare provider for Gilwilly Estate, Eden Business Park, and surrounding areas in Penrith, Cumbria.

Being well-versed in the document creation space after having garnered experience in the sale of office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, and other machines, the company can tailor your document management system with a clear audit trail, and built-in security for personal data protection.

DocuWare can be integrated to work in unison with your company’s existing workflow, file formats, apps, editing software, and platforms like Microsoft Office 365. The software can be implemented for every stage of the process, including document capture, processing, distribution, indexing, and archiving.

Tech4 Office Equipment Owner Paul Thorburn says: “DocuWare is a great tool and Kinetic Solutions are about adapting to create business benefits, keeping things simple and improving workflows. Tech4 provides all the support you’ll need, from planning and digitising to automating storage and training your own people.”

For companies that are process-heavy, be it transport companies, solicitors, or legal firms, DocuWare can support a move to implement digital systems and cloud storage for more efficient document management. The software tool has a built-in feature to help migrate all of your digital documents and information, to cloud-based storage.

DocuWare offers a wide range of collaboration and management tools to control the access rights of users, document owners, and administrators. You can decide who can make updates and decisions on storage and archiving.

For over a decade, Tech4 Office Equipment has offered printing, copying, and scanning solutions to Cumbria’s SMEs and other businesses. Recognising the move from print to digital, the company has now entered the digital document management space.

In recognition of their customer service and value proposition, Tech4 Office Equipment was recently awarded ‘Best Office Equipment Supplier’ by Northern Enterprise Awards 2021.

A satisfied client said: “I can’t recommend the service provided by Tech4 enough. Not only is our document management process much more efficient and reliable, but we are also saving money. In addition, their service and response times have been outstanding.” The company has won quite widespread mentions in media for their service and ethical approach to business.

There’s no time like the present when trying to get a time-sensitive job done. So instead of wading through piles of paper looking for a file you needed 5 minutes ago, use DocuWare to organise and find any document easily by consolidating all of them on one digital platform.

Book a demonstration or meeting with us by visiting and see how DocuWare can transform your filing system.

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